"Everything should fit into one."

We are committed to design a new soft good for one of the members in Inspirations Studio, Audrey, for whom we are eager to give a better ceramic-transporting and displaying experience. 

About Our Client

Audrey loves to go camping and travel around Toronto. During her free time, making ceramics is her passion. Her inspiration was ignited from the African culture, as well as Japanese culture admiring minimalism and the simplicity of its designs. Camping has been her hobby ever since she was young. She often carries heavy loads while camping and “Everything should fit into one.” is her motto of what she lives by. For packing her ceramic works, she would pack from the largest bowl at the bottom and start stacking all of the other ceramics on top in between she would place newspaper and bubble wrap. 10-15 ceramic wares are the minimum amounts she would bring to the craft fair whereas 25-30 ceramic wares are the maximum. If her current backpack is not enough or fit with her ceramics, she would take another bag in the opposite arm to carry the rest of the wares.

Items Information

Design Criteria

Design Criteria

Initial Backpack Design

Initial Display Design 1

Initial Display Design 2

The Test of The Initial Model

Pros and Cons of The Initial Model

Inner Structure Storage Design

Backpack Design Prototype

Project design by:

Zhanqing Hu

Friedrich Yam

Murtaza Kerani

For more detailed work and further information, please contact us. Work of 2016-2017.

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